2018 Telecommunication Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Internet of Things (IoT), Block Chain, Digital Transformation, Machine-to-machine (M2M), Value-added Service (VAS), and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are just a few of the key initiatives that can often be found in a Communication Service Provider’s (CSPs) portfolio. Many organizations find themselves focused on product innovation, meanwhile, back-end processes and tools flounder. When this happens, we introduce a whole new level of problems; inefficiencies, rework, unhappy employees, and poor work quality that is certain to impact critical functions of the business as well as customers. The reality is, we can’t tackle innovation at the rate and quality necessary when the engine that keeps us running is running on low fuel.

The Impact of Operations

When you think about operations and the projects that may be on the radar for addressing common challenges within your processes and tools, it is common to align them with the term “operational improvements.” Typically, an organization will undergo many of these improvements throughout their existence, but let’s take a moment to challenge this way of driving change throughout the organization. When the leaders of an organization get together and take the time to form a business strategy compiled with objectives that they believe will most impact the business, why is it that the innovation typically falls only on the product side?

What if we didn’t just improve our operations – what if we found a way to innovate it? Many times we get caught up in our value proposition, and rightfully so; without it, we would never have a competitive edge. What makes our products and services better than the competition? That’s the question we all must answer. No one ever said that our value proposition couldn’t be found in the WAY we do business, the operational procedures that allow us to deliver products better, faster, and with the quality that all of our customers expect and deserve. Bottom line, we have to innovate across the business, not just within product development and infrastructure. When we look at the trends that are driving transformation throughout organizations today, including Agile, don’t overlook the practices that help us deliver our best work and the work that leaves the biggest impression on our customers.

2018 Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

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