3 Key Considerations When Setting Up a Service Desk

Let’s start off by clarifying that service desks are no longer solely for IT. IT Service Management has evolved into a broader Enterprise Service Management approach, one that encompasses the entire organization, not just IT alone.

Sure, it is a known fact that IT services may require more complexity, more process and even IT specific methodologies that in return make IT Service Management tools necessary for those delivering IT services. But let’s put down the microscope and focus on the bigger picture….every team in an organization provides services. These business service teams don’t require ITIL alignment to provide a service offering, accept service requests, assign resources and deliver exceptional customer service.

Setting up a service desk can be much easier than it used to be if you have the right results in mind. If you want to become a service-oriented Enterprise, I highly recommend you consider the following:

  1. Measure customer satisfaction – what’s the point of providing services if those you serve aren’t getting the support they need? Think of it this way, what is the biggest expense for an organization? That’s right – it’s people! If you aren’t meeting the needs of the business, it’s highly likely that your customers aren’t getting what they need to be productive.   Productive people deliver results, results make them happy. Make sense?
  2. Set Goals and live by them – similar to setting up a business, if you don’t understand your purpose, mission and vision, how will you know what direction you are heading? It also critical to align your business teams goals with that of the company. This will help you validate that you are working on the right things, measuring what’s important and executing the right work!
  3. Engage with your service team personnel – believe it or not, service desks have high turnover and in many cases low employee morale. Why? In many cases, the services provided are those that help resolve a problem. If the customer is calling in with a problem, many times they aren’t happy. This can wear your team down. For those that deliver services not related to problem resolution, the rule still applies. Have you ever heard the term, “If your employees are happy, your customers will be happy?’ It’s true. Keep them engaged, motivated and happy for the best results.