3 Tips to Survive the Holidays

No matter what kind of business you run, having enough resources working around the holidays can cause a few extra headaches. You’re likely balancing increased demand with your employees’ schedules over the holidays, which can be a challenge, especially if you have employees with a wide range of unique roles.

The most important thing you can do right now to ease the complications of holidays? Start planning. It’s never too early to be thinking ahead.

Ask for Time Off Requests

It’s never too early to understand your resource availability over the holidays, especially with project deadlines and the end of the fiscal year quickly approaching. Communicate with your team and set a deadline for holiday time-off requests. The sooner you can identify any shortfalls in capacity and impacts on projects, the faster you can work to resolve them by communicating with key stakeholders or seeking additional resources to bridge the gap.

Evaluate Resource Capacity and Schedule Planning

Work doesn’t hit ‘pause’ just because of the holidays. Evaluate your team’s bandwidth and gain insights into your team’s availability. Leverage a visual resource capacity tool to efficiently manage resources, simplify resource planning and optimize resources.

Look for Additional Hires

The holiday season is the excellent time to kick off a job search and start adding new team members. If you need temporary support to bridge the gaps and help increase bandwidth, look for temporary contractors. For teams where growth is expected to continue, this is also the perfect time to utilize staffing services. Wicresoft’s staffing model gives organizations a competitive advantage that enables them to scale on-demand as the business grows.

As your staffing team, we can help your staff meet project demand ensuring that your project always has the right people in the right place at the right time.

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