Agile and Traditional PPM – Rapid Delivery and Predictability in One Solution

Product development teams and PMOs have many things in common, but overall – they both have work to deliver in order to provide value to the business.  That work comes with challenges.

Project managers have visibility into their work but often they have no purview into development schedules that also impact their timelines.  In many cases they can’t react quickly to changes simply because of change control processes, stakeholder management and the baselines put in place at the beginning of the project.  More often than not, they will have resources working on both types of projects (agile and traditional) so they need to have visibility across all of their teams work regardless of where the work resides.

Developers require different tools because their planning is iterative, it allows for a think on your feet mentality.  There is less PPM discipline when leveraging the agile approach such as automated statusing and approvals.  They also don’t have the visibility they need into project issues.  These challenges lead to a disconnect between the two teams that can cause bigger challenges for the organization as a whole.

The bottom line is both methods, Agile and traditional PPM, have their benefits.  Why not bring the benefits of both methodologies into one solution?   Here’s what it would look like:

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