Building an Agile PMO

Some might call this ‘building governance’. Others may prefer ‘improving decision-making’ or ‘developing your PMO’. Whatever you call it and whatever your culture, if you are starting from scratch or rethinking your current PMO, we work with you to accelerate the business value and efficiency of your project management. Are you ready to be agile?

Step one is to look at your current organization and work with you on goals for the future. This includes assessing how decisions are made, by whom, how often and with what data. It includes looking at the full lifecycle of managing a portfolio of work: setting strategy, capturing demand, prioritizing and selecting, project execution and measuring outcomes. This step aims to get clarity on where we are, where we want to be, why we should change and how we will measure our success towards that goal.

As a next step, we begin working closely with you on a design. A design for how all the various teams involved – from those setting strategies through to those working on projects – can use better process and data to hit your new targets. Maybe you already have a project management office (PMO) or maybe you are thinking of creating something a bit different. Either way, our approach is to collaborate with you on designing and implementing the roles, activities and data flow for the future.


Building an Agile PMO


In this 1-day workshop, we help you rethink your project organization and develop designs and implementation plans for simplified project management that is business-focused, collaborative and dynamic.

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