App Overload Reducing Business Productivity?

The rise of technology is here. Every day there are hundreds of apps offering to help us be more productive, efficient, and organized. From the advent of the smartphone to the apps on our laptop, people are now enabled to make better use of dead-time. Have extra time on your commute? You can now start your workday early, catch up, and start tackling your inbox. Apps enable us to increase productivity by smartly utilizing our time.

There’s no doubt about it – businesses are relying on applications, now more than ever. While small businesses can count on three, the average mid-size company uses five to ten. For enterprise organizations, it can be hard to keep track of all the solutions used across the various teams. The number and type of applications have only exploded with the cloud. For almost every task you might need support with, there’s an app to help.

While the apps make individual processes more efficient, it also creates redundancies. Unnecessary hours are spent entering the same data into multiple apps, searching for data, and reconciling different systems. Even in small teams, those hours can quickly add up to thousands lost in productivity each month.

Reducing App Fatigue

Improve productivity by integrating your critical business applications and databases with OneConnect. OneConnect connects your core apps for total work management with out-of-the-box connectors. Your teams and data are unified throughout the organization improving productivity without the need for cost and time prohibitive custom integrations.

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