Benefits of Telecom Managed Services

In the increasingly competitive Telecom landscape, every provider in the value chain has found themselves operating with tighter margins and lower revenues. Service providers have had to scrutinize their workforce and overhead costs. In many cases, productivity and efficiency has been the only solution to productivity.

With the rapid rise of technology and the constant need for new skill sets, it is important to have the right experience in place without all of the investments associated with recruiting, training, and managing resources internally. Managed services offers an alternative way of doing business that every telecommunications provider should consider. Benefits include:

    • Lean Workforce – Save costs and focus on what matters to the business such as innovation, strategy, and your customers. Outsource the day to day operations and focus your internal talent on the highest value initiatives.
    • Scalability – Handle peaks and valleys of work volume without increasing your workforce and incurring additional costs that must be maintained when workload subsides. Pay as you go, use only what you need.
    • Increased Profitability – Deliver products and services faster and more accurately – more volume at a faster pace for increased profitability.
    • Shared Risk – Find a vendor that believes in a partnership mentality, not a vendor relationship. Work in a shared risk model – the vendor shouldn’t win until you do.
    • Industry Experts – Outsourcing allows you to find industry experts. In the telecom industries the internal experts are retiring at a rapid pace. Now what? Find experts in your focus area and deliver maximum quality to your customers.
    • Tool Agnostic – Along with digital transformation comes new technology and the need to keep up with the competition. Find a vendor that is tool agnostic and can work within your tool-sets; even helping you train your teams on new technology and best practices.
    • Work Guaranteed – When internal teams are impacted by rework, it can get costly. Outsourcing allows you to get the work done right, and if you choose the right vendor, you can ensure you aren’t paying for the job until it’s done correctly, never paying for rework.
    • Reduce Costs – Save significantly on recruiting, equipment and office space while fully eliminating overhead costs, such as medical, retirement, and other employment benefits.
    • Increase Work-Life Balance – The days of overburdening employees to do more with less are declining. Businesses are outsourcing work to ensure their employees aren’t over-allocated on work that is insignificant in the big picture and is not aligned to their skill set.

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