Better Project Staffing

“Do you have the bandwidth to work on the new Andromeda project?”

Asking a colleague to support an upcoming project is an intrinsically difficult task. Some colleagues can’t say no, even when they are over-allocated. Others will automatically say no. They want to hold out for more engaging or strategic opportunities to advance their career. Assessing a colleagues bandwidth to create a project management dream team has traditionally required negotiation, guesswork, and maneuvering around office politics.

With project timetables, deliverables, and scope changing unexpectedly, it can be hard to cope.

Project Support on Your Terms

As project life-cycles come and go, one thing is clear – projects have increasing demands for project efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. The key to meeting deadlines and corporate success is leveraging a skilled, project-centered and engaged workforce. By utilizing screened, dependable, and flexible project teams, managers achieve objectives and exceed profitability goals.

Wicresoft Project Staffing Services

Wicresoft specializes in providing businesses with skilled industry experts to help any project team reach success, on a project, interim, or permanent basis. We combine cutting-edge recruiting technology and leverage our three decades of staffing experience to deliver a best-in-class staffing experience. We are knowledgeable about recruiting and retaining project management experts to keep your projects on time and on budget while focusing on the future.

As your staffing team, we can help your staff meet project demand ensuring that your project always has the right people in the right place at the right time.

To learn more about our candidates and help you fill a position on your team, please contact us.