DJO is in the business of keeping people moving forward by designing and manufacturing medical mobility devices. Since their inception in 1978, they have continued to grow and expand their resources. As they acquired companies, DJO noticed issues with project management. Each new organization had its...

On-Demand In today’s fast-paced digital age, there is a need for an adaptive, responsive approach to managing the pipeline of work to be done. Constantly measuring the investment against the potential and actual returns, and rapidly changing direction without disrupting the flow of the organization. Additional...

As we all work to overcome the COVID-19 Pandemic that is changing all of our lives, we desire to find some way to help. We honor our brave and courageous front line first responders, healthcare workers and essential business workers . We greatly appreciate the hard work and risk so many in our society are facing to provide care to those who are sick and to keep life moving as best as it can. Inspired by those meeting the call to help, we challenged ourselves to find a way to leverage our skills, products, tools and knowledge to help in any way we could. We reflected on what we learned from clients who faced other challenging situations. Some common themes and needs emerged and we decided to create an offering we think can help. We are offering a free Project Portfolio Management solution that provides:
  • A means to capture relevant project information in a single location within a common framework and context
  • The capability to quickly prioritize and re-prioritize work as the situation evolves
  • An ability to consistently and continually capture status of key initiatives to enable timely decisions
  • Support in setting up your solution to capture and status key initiatives