Breaking Down the Barriers to Agile Adoption

Agile project management adoption is on the rise. One of our partners, VersionOne, conducts an annual report on the state of agile. In late 2013, 88% of organizations were practicing agile. Four years later, that trend is still climbing. It is very common for Agile methodologies to coexist in organizations along with traditional PPM methods.

Although these methodologies coexist within organizations. In many cases, the projects delivered from them remain in disparate systems simply because the teams that own them have differing objectives. When teams have different objectives, it often leads to conflicting views. More often than not, most of the projects that exist for product development have both PMs and development managers assigned. That means that not only do you have projects that come from multiple systems, you have projects that contain work from multiple sources. The challenges that leaders can be faced with due to segregated systems far outweigh the impact of implementing a hybrid model, or that where Agile and traditional projects are delivered from one unified solution.

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