Project Insights for Data Driven Decisions with Power BI

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PMI’s 2016 Pulse of the Profession® reported diminishing project outcomes and a 12 percent increase in money wasted due to poor project performance.  It is clear that organizations need to embrace project management as a strategic competency.

Peter F. Drucker has a famous quote “What gets measured gets improved.”

Implementing a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, such as Project Online, enables processes & best practices leveraging technology.  However, using the data and key performance indicators generated from your PPM system to make data-driven decisions is the ultimate objective.

Projects are dynamic. Staying ahead of the curve means having real-time access to your project data and it’s leading indicators for actionable intelligence. A real-time, flexible platform Wicresoft Insights service enables organizations to visualize critical Microsoft Project Online data in real-time, spot trends as they occur and produce actionable facts for better decision making in a fraction of the time.

  • A Single Source of the Truth: Empower your team to make quick, confident decisions with a single view of your project portfolio. Power BI Groups lets you collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure that everyone uses the right data
  • Insights Without the Hassle: Make business intelligence simple.  Create dashboards and reports on your project data using natural language and drag-and-drop gestures to find answers to your most important questions.
  • Know When to Take Action: With all this data at your disposal, how do you know where to focus?  Set thresholds on metrics and trigger alerts when there are important changes to your project portfolio. Take action when they arrive, and rest easy when they don’t.
  • Hit the Ground Running: Don’t start from scratch. Wicresoft has incorporated over 15 years of Microsoft PPM implementation expertise along with industry best practices in over 25 pre-built reports.  This way, you can start realizing value right away.

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