Bringing Your Data Together with Power BI

Whether you are moving between the world of on-premise and cloud data, or you need to analyze all your cloud data in one place, Power BI can provide more than just eye-catching reports and dashboards.

Power BI moves beyond the expectations of a BI visualization tool and into the realm of data modeling and transformation. You can now connect to data from a variety of data sources with different metadata and naming conventions and bring these sources together in one seamless experience for our end users.

While Power BI is not meant as a replacement for a shared data store, it does give us the ability to standardize and transform data and terminology from a variety of sources into a clear and intuitive visual experience with a single report or dashboard. The data modeling necessary to combine and create additional KPIs and hierarchies based on the metadata from a variety of data sources is made accessible by this self-service reporting tool.

By taking advantage of this functionality, your organization has the power to bring together data from sources on-premise, in the cloud, and create supplementary data to help you slice, dice, and analyze your data in new ways. Your combined data can tell the whole story dynamically without the hassle of cut and paste report screenshots in a PowerPoint.

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