Carrier Service Provider Managed Services Use Case

Unique Challenge

A large triple play provider, growing through acquisition, struggled with communicating accurate and timely provisioning data between regions to deliver complex products and services to their Commercial client base. These services varied from access and PRI to cell backhaul and broadband.

There was a 50% order error rate and extensive rework, due to regional differences in process and systems.


The provider standardized the ordering and inventory management systems and inserted a Quality Assurance Process (QA) between the initial hand-off of the order and design engineering. The QA process created and validated internal as well as external data elements required to deliver the requested services.

Wicresoft was chosen because of their industry-leading consultants and in-depth knowledge of the circuit design and provisioning arena.

As an industry partner, we developed and streamlined deep QA processes then implemented the day-to-day verification of data from CLLI Code generation through construction, fiber design requirements, ASR validation and database continuity.

The Wicresoft team was measured against aggressive SLAs.


Today, Wicresoft processes over 7,000 circuits a month, this is a 50% increase over the last 18 months.  There was a 90% reduction in errors while meeting SLAs 99% of the time.