Carrier Service Provider Managed Services

Benefits of Carrier Service Provider Managed Services

Reducing costs, improving quality and quickly delivering products to market are critical to the competitive telecom industry. A Managed Services solution enables growth and compliance with strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) while requiring less operating capital and less management resources.

Wicresoft’s Managed Services offering allows improved customer service delivery by improving accuracy and accelerating productivity. There are no additions to your staff and payment is only due upon accurate completion of work.  Wicresoft’s Managed Services teams act as an extension of your company. We take pride in building a long-term, lasting partnership by helping to successfully complete your business objectives. Wicresoft stays closely involved with your management team to ensure that all processes, procedures, and standards are followed while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Services Offered

  • Negotiate and document orders with customers for requested products and
  • Retail, commercial, and carrier-quality assurance that ensures that sales functions, network industry data and internal operations are processed correctly to deliver products and services on
  • Test and turn-up of diverse devices and network elements supporting end user, commercial, and carrier
  • Basic and complex customer order design or work order requests for service or core/transport network
  • Audit, reconciliation, resolution, and settlements of carrier circuits, end user or Carrier Access Billing

Return on Investment

In today’s market place a fully-burdened employee can cost 1.5x or higher of a base salary. Employers are realizing that employees are only productive about 60% of the day for reasons including social media, email, and daily interruptions. In addition to lost efficiencies, it is estimated that attrition of skilled workers can cost your company up to 213% of their salary.

The investment you make in Wicresoft’s Managed Services solution will provide clear and significant ROI based on the elimination or reduction of costs for salaries, benefits, recruiting, training, communications, equipment, office space, furniture, overtime, administration, and attrition.

Our customers typically realize a 30% ROI or greater. In addition, error rates are reduced up to 50% and rework by over 50% which provides increased productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Case Study:  Quality Assurance

In this example, Wicresoft provided Managed Services to one of the largest national Carrier Service Providers in the country. The customer asked Wicresoft to assist in the development and implementation of a quality assurance service delivery process for over 4,000 circuits per month.

The goals were to improve the existing process which had a 50% error ratio, increase productivity, and improve time to market. Wicresoft took responsibility for stages of the process beginning at receipt of commercial orders, all the way through handoff to circuit design. Working hand in hand with management, Wicresoft created a new process tailored to improve operations. Twenty individual contributors were hired along with one project manager to review orders. Additional responsibilities taken over were to create CLLI (Common Language Location Identifier) codes and naming conventions, verify fiber designs, as well as validate customers, sites, equipment, cable, paths, route information, and IP Addresses. After training and process improvement, the team completed between 4,000 and 7,000 circuits per month with a 90% improvement in accuracy. This allowed the vast majority of circuits to be designed without fallout. The percentage of commitments met was also increased. Circuit ID creation SLAs (24 and 48 hour) were met 100% of the time.

“Partnering with Wicresoft has allowed us to exceed all SLAs for Cell Tower Backhaul products. We were able to acquire 300 sites that were previously served by an incumbent provider. The wireless provider shared that it is mainly due to how well our teams, managed and staffed by Wicresoft, are performing across the board on installs, NNI re-grooms, and upgrades.”

Case Study:  Validation Process

In this case, Wicresoft partnered with a large triple play provider to implement a validation process to compare network inventory system records against actual connections in the field. The Carrier Service Provider had a significant number of mismatched records causing rework during the design and provisioning processes. The team performed a stare-and-compare process, corrected network inventory records, and set indicators that notified the NOC (Network Operations Center) that the circuit is ready for monitoring. This new process improved record accuracy, reduced rework of circuit designs, and established continuity between what was in the field and what was in the network inventory system. SLAs were met 100% of the time.

Why Wicresoft for Carrier Service Provider Managed Services

  • Wicresoft has over 25 years of experience supporting Carrier Service Providers and functions.
  • Wicresoft balances staff to accommodate fluctuating work volumes while maintaining
  • Wicresoft uses your service delivery
  • Workers are remote, avoiding location
  • Workers provide laptop equipment that meets your application and operating system
  • Wicresoft assumes responsibilities for employees and
  • The client does not pay for
  • The client never pays a premium rate for
  • Increased
  • Wicresoft meets
  • No turnover or new hire
  • Wicresoft follows industry standards and
  • The client has limited responsibilities for day-to-day
  • Limited application
  • The client does not pay for lost work
  • There is no investment in people, benefits, administration, or supervision. The client pays a negotiated flat rate per accurately completed