Journey to Cloud Capability with Cloud Application Portfolio Management


To further accelerate business outcomes by leveraging the cloud, applications defined as cloud candidates require their own portfolio management selection and prioritization. By managing cloud application initiatives as a focused portfolio, full benefits from cloud migration can be obtained. This involved performing business cases in the context of cloud economic benefits that can include infrastructure and overhead cost savings as well as improvements in service, quality and faster time to market. After developing the cloud application business case, a best practice portfolio selection and prioritization approach can be performed. Selection criteria for cloud application selection and prioritization include other factors not applicable to a standard IT application portfolio.

In this webinar, we will share our cloud application portfolio management solution that allows an organization enhance their cloud technology capability. A Cloud Application Portfolio Management solution provides the organization with the response to the business and leadership questions on what are the top priority applications to be migrated to the cloud and the value that will be delivered to the business.