Connect Your Microsoft Business Productivity Environments for Total Work Management


Today’s digital environments must be connected to bring maximum value to your business. After all, data is everywhere, and work teams must continue to rely on the tools and applications that work best for their work productivity including Project Management, Product Development, and Sales and Marketing. Consolidating all work across the enterprise is critical to get the insights you need to make data-driven and informed decisions. Teams can be more productive, removing all barriers that prevent effective collaboration, and executives can get the information necessary to validate strategic alignment and prove business value.

Join us in this webinar as we show you how organizations can address the challenge of synchronizing and/or integrating their Microsoft application data through prebuilt integrations, solutions, and extended feature sets using OneConnect. Topics include:

  • Evolution of Work
  • Work Management Challenges
  • Microsoft Work Productivity Tools
  • Benefits of Integrated Work Environments
  • Work Connectivity Through OneConnect