Cutting The Cord | Top Reasons to Go Remote

Working remote is one of the biggest employment trends for 2018.

Here’s why.

Attract The Best Talent – No Matter Where They Are

Gone are the days where job applicants were limited to a small candidate pool and good riddance! Working remote also means hiring remote so you can always hire the best candidate for the position regardless of where they are physically located.

Nervous your employee might move once their family situation changes?

No need. Remote work also enables employees to stay with their companies for longer periods of time. If your employee’s significant other is offered a job in a new area, they will be able to stay at their current job reducing employee turnover and wasted training resources.

It Saves Companies Money

When your office can be anywhere, from a bedroom to a beach in the Bahamas, companies win. Reducing rent and property costs is just skimming the surface of the improved cost efficiencies gained by remote offices. Skipping the office saves an average of $20,000 per full-time remote employee.

Fewer Sick Days

No one likes getting food poisoning or getting the sniffles, let alone dragging themselves into work to inevitably pass on the bug. Flexible work allows for employees to work when they’re under the weather, leading to fewer sick days for themselves and those they would infect.

Tired of the Commute? Give It Up, Too!

The average daily commute is 25 minutes. In a year, this adds up to 218 hours or nine days of traveling to and from work. Leave the commute behind. Without your daily drive, you will not only save time, but money.

Think of an extra 9 days of your life back and $2,600 in your pocket each year.

On the hunt for your next job? Have an open position?

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