Delivering an Unified Agile PPM Solution with Microsoft PowerApps


Most organizations today are delivering both agile and traditional projects within their project portfolio. In many of these cases, the portfolio isn’t a single portfolio at all – product development is managing their projects with agile tools such as Azure DevOps or Jira and the PMO continues to use Microsoft Project to manage theirs.  A separate project management tool for each line of business sounds like a good idea right?  We’ve come a long way in the technology evolution and we know now, that while disparate systems may be focused, relevant and work specific, they can also make decision making and strategic alignment almost impossible. The good news is, these problems are no longer a match if you are using Microsoft PowerApps.

Join Wicresoft in this webinar as we show you how to obtain global visibility across agile projects and traditional projects from a Microsoft PowerApps environment by connecting your agile tools to traditional project management for better decision making, cost tracking, strategic alignment and resource planning.

Topics include:

  • Organizational PPM Overview
  • The Problems with Disconnected Systems
  • The Benefits of Agile PPM
  • Connecting Agile Tools (Azure DevOps, Rally, VersionOne, Jira, etc.) and Microsoft Project