Simplify, accelerate, and automate workflows and workloads

An organization’s roadmap to business agility includes technology to improve velocity and efficiency. Whether you have a specific improvement area in mind, or you would like help to find and prioritize the best opportunities in your business, we are here to help. Our consulting approach enables you to leverage our strategic advice, technical implementation skills, and operations experience – with the balance that is right for you.


In addition to highly customized solution-building, Wicresoft is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner and builds solutions on the Microsoft platform, including the following:

Building Capabilities Through Consulting:

The Wicresoft Methodology

The Wicresoft consulting methodology is agile and allows you to rapidly plan, design and execute successful business change. By organizing your business objectives and expected outcomes into sprints (iterations), our methodology enables a ‘shift to the left’, meaning that business value is delivered earlier than with traditional project methods.


It is also an ideal platform for collaboration between your team and ours. Together, we build a small core team of diverse skills and experience, enabling us to focus on business outcomes, people, process and technology at the same time.


Through connecting with different stakeholder groups, we build familiarity with the upcoming change early on, instead of relying purely on training towards the end of a project. This helps greatly with adoption and change management.