Diversity | The Competitive Advantage

Diversity. It comes from the old French word diversité and has been a growing part of our language for almost 1,000 years. We celebrate diversity and at times, are captivated by its increasing importance in our lives.

We continually diversify. We strive to diversify risk and investments. We alternate our recreational activities and discuss the need for biodiversity in our ecosystems. Our workplace is no different – diversity is integral to our success and vision for the future. Diversity is not only essential to creating a positive work environment – it drives our competitive advantage.

Diversity is a Resource

Investing in diversity provides a competitive advantage. Research shows that diverse teams perform complex tasks better and more creatively than their counterparts. Diversity enhances how organizations function. Diversity in views, experiences, background, expertise, and culture provides the cognitive diversity that leads to higher performance and creative innovation.

Companies increasingly realize the importance of leveraging diversity as a resource. Those who do emerge as global leaders. This is an opportunity to leverage unique qualities that only a diverse workforce can bring to the table – new leadership styles, different problem-solving skills, all focused on the goal of competing and winning in their industry.

Extending the Benefits of Diversity
• Bringing together a balanced and diverse team forges new networks and connections within a company that increases talent acquisition, relationship building, and sales.
• Companies sell to a diverse customer base. Diverse teams are more able to understand customers, analyze their perspectives, anticipate trends, and mirror the predicted behavior to outperform competitors.
• A fusion of different experiences and perspectives leads to better innovation. As an organization grows, they can leverage their expertise to create a more positive, productive environment.

Diversity in the workforce is a win-win. Need access to a reliable workforce of skilled professionals? Contact us.