Great Project Leaders – Tip #1 Use the Right Words

There is no doubt in my mind that great Project Managers must be good leaders.  That being said, I have been involved in hundreds of online project management implementations over the years and have learned quickly that many Project Managers aren’t good leaders at all; many of them lead by threat.  Some may say that certain individuals work better under pressure, but working well under pressure is more likely the result of the challenge, not of the threat itself.

If you are a Project Manager and you are having trouble getting through to your team, take a look at the communication style that has developed across your team.  It could be your style, or it could be the style of your team members that has influenced the way the team interacts with each other.  Many people do thrive in a fast-paced, “fly by the seat of your pants” environment, but don’t mistake an adrenaline-based thrill as encouragement.  Use the right words, reinforce positive behavior and keep the team motivated to deliver great work.

I came across this video and felt is was worth sharing.  Mohammed Qahtani has been labeled as the greatest public speaker in the world.  Some may deliberate whether this speech was strong enough to win him the title, but from my perspective, it’s the message that resonated with me.  Words are powerful, and whether you are a parent, an executive, a teacher or a project leader, you are leading individuals that need empowerment.  Empowerment encourages direction, and if you are looking for a particular result, you need to guide them in the right direction.  Simply put- use the right words.