agile and waterfall project prioritization

Improve alignment by 40% in your “blended” Agile & Waterfall project portfolio

One of my favorite quotes by Peter F. Drucker:  “There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.”

According to McKinsey research, organizations can achieve 40% more value out of their portfolio by performing one key PPM activity.

Active prioritization.  Do the “RIGHT” work.

However, with Agile on the rise, more PMO’s are facing the challenge of driving value across a mixed portfolio of project types/methodologies.  According to the 2015 ESI study The Global State of the PMO, 44% of project teams are shifting to Agile methodologies.  This leaves PMO in quite the predicament when it comes to having one centralized portfolio to optimize.

So, is the answer to force development teams to use the PMO waterfall toolsets?  No.  In this software driven economy, product teams require different tools that allow them to be innovative and quick on their feet to stay ahead of the competition.  Using continuous builds, product teams can iteratively – and quickly – provide the customer with “working software” that allows customers to gauge the product and provide corrective measures.

This means PMO’s need to be flexible with agile software development teams.  Both teams have successful methods to executing on their projects, however the PMO still needs to get one enterprise level view of all projects to provide the insight executives are asking for (or should be asking for):  Are the projects we are doing aligned with the business and its strategic objectives?

The answer is CONNECT.  Connect your PMO and your Software Development teams.

By leveraging Wicresoft’s OneConnect, you can have the best of both worlds.  Project Online can serve as the “master” portfolio of projects & programs – providing powerful portfolio optimization & prioritization capabilities (video with more info).  While your software development teams stay in their tool of choice – be it TFS, VersionOne , JIRA, etc.

Here are some sample reports you can get out of an integrated solution leveraging Project Online with OneConnect.  These reports will help you understand what projects are driving the most value for your organization in relation to cost, risk and other key aspects.

Strategic Portfolio Dashboard Strategic Portfolio Dashboard2

So, start building your business cases & defining your priorities with Project Online and see a 27% decrease in failed projects with a 45% improved strategic alignment!  Watch this webinar for more information on connecting Project Online to other agile tools.