Increase Business Value with an Integrated IT PPM & ITSM Solution


IT departments commonly use an ITSM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Cherwell, and ServiceNow to track and manage requests for IT service.  However, there is little process in place to manage larger pieces of work, such as projects and programs, and to understand how IT resources are being utilized across organizational initiatives.

Integrating PPM systems with ITSM systems can move organizations from being a bucket brigade to an organized emergency unit.  In this webinar, we will demonstrate how IT leadership can better support the business and answer key questions such as:

  1. Is IT actively engaged in activities that are directly impacting the strategic objectives of the organization as whole?
  2. How much time and budget are we spending on strategic vs. maintenance activities?
  3. How and where is IT adding value to the business, and what ROI can be expected on these efforts?
  4. What departments or business units are consuming the most IT resources and can we make operational improvements better support the needs of these groups?