Joining the Modern Workplace – How to Boost your Productivity at Work

You’re in your third back to back meeting of the day and still have 40 emails to respond to and a presentation due at noon.

Be honest – how many times have you wished there were more hours in a day?

You’re not alone.

For many of us, no matter how hard to you try to manage your work schedule, find shortcuts, master efficiencies, sometimes even at the expense of your own sleep and sanity, there’s no sign of the workload stopping. Without dropping the “work smarter, not harder” cliché, it’s true you can get a lot more done in less time while keeping your sanity intact – with some help from technology.

Managing the Inboxes

Whether we like to admit it, or not, we spend an exorbitant amount of time simply getting caught up on the latest information via email. According to Adobe Systems, the average worker spends more than 30 hours a week checking email – Read: 6.3 hours per day just checking email! This doesn’t even include the time we use to respond!

As one of the biggest parts of our workloads, simple changes to how you approach the task can have the biggest impacts to your overall workday.

  • Quickly scan your inbox – read the subject line and glance through the first bit to get a basic level understanding. If it requires a reply, do it now while it’s already in front of you. Looking it up later will cost you time searching (or worse – forgetting) to do it.
  • Sync your emails to multiple devices so they’re always ready whenever you need them.
  • Customize email filters to prioritize which emails are seen first and redirect less important messages to another folder that you can browse when you have additional time.
  • Spam – if you’re still getting any, you need to adjust your filters. It’s not only a distraction but buries crucial emails in a bigger pile.
  • Only use your work email for work. Segregate personal emails to their own account. Reading or replying takes time out of your already busy day.
  • Less is more – write less and you’ll likely get the same in return.
  • Look outside email to real-time communication tools like Teams – it allows for enhanced collaboration and communication with private messaging, media sharing, and more.


Voice Activated Assistants

Voice activated software, like Cortana and Siri, are free personal assistants designed to make your life more efficient. From setting alarms in the morning to looking up the latest sales figures, these programs can be a lifesaver. They work just as fast as you and your lifestyle. To save some time, dictate your emails clearly, use punctuation, and always review messages before you send. Voice activated software allows emails to be done both fast and on the go.

Living in the Cloud

Having a hard copy back up of important files is a great solution – leave everything else up to the cloud. The cloud delivers on speed, convenience, and reliability. Office 365 provides a wide variety of apps to help you get started, including OneDrive and SharePoint. Save time every day by enabling access to your files from anywhere on any device. Storing documents on the cloud also enables real time collaboration shortening feedback loops. Gone are the days of calling or emailing someone to send the illusive file you urgently need.

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