Last Minute Interview Prep

You just got the call. There’s good and bad news. That job you saw last week and instantly knew it was your dream job? They want to talk to you. The bad news? They want you to come in tomorrow morning. What do you do when you only have a few hours, or even minutes, to prepare for a job interview – a make or break experience?

Prepare the Interview Basics

An interview is an opportunity for the hiring manager to learn more about you and see whether you’re a fit for the team. Be prepared. Find out:

  • Who will you be meeting with? HR or the hiring manager? What is their background? Check LinkedIn to see whether you have common experience.
  • What’s the dress code? If your interview is in-person, see what content they have on social media or view Glassdoor to find comments from other interviewees, including interview questions.
  • Check Google Maps the night before to make sure you know where you’re headed and allow extra time for traffic/parking. Know your license plate in case you need to register your car.
  • Read and re-read the job description. Think of potential interview questions and how your experience relates to the role. That ad campaign you came up with that blew the leadership team away? Outline how you’ll tie it in and be prepared with stories.


Learn About the Company

Do some quick research. Look at the company’s social media pages, search for recent mentions of the company in the news, and their own website. You should be able to answer the following questions:

  • How big is the company?
  • What products/services do they sell?
  • Recent news stories, including launches/releases


Storytelling 2.0

Be prepared to talk about yourself and your accomplishments. Studies have shown that we are able to remember better by writing down (not typing) so put the pen to the paper! Write down:

  • Elevator pitch about your experience – who you are, what you’ve been working on, and why you’re looking for a new opportunity
  • Highlight specific achievements – this is your opportunity to shine. Where possible, be specific and quantify the 20 million dollar project you oversaw or how you increased sales by 20%.
  • Other accomplishments or cool facts. Not everything is about work. They want you to be a good team fit. Are you proud of your help at the food bank? Are you in the running for the national badminton team? Feel free to throw in those details, too.


Find Your Power Suit

Push the stress aside and plan ahead. Try on and pick out your outfit the night before. Have it laid out and ready to save from any last-minute problems.


Making the Move

Even if you wait to the last minute with everything, your job search is one thing you really want to get a jump on. If you’re ready to make the move, or have a position you need hiring for, visit the Talent Center to get started – your career will thank you!