The Latest Agile Features in Microsoft Project

Microsoft is continuing to invest in Microsoft Project in big ways. August ushered in the latest additions as Project enables more Agile functionality. The new agile capabilities and integration with the Office 365 suite gives Project Managers the broad choice to work with the methodology that best suits their team and project type. Whether you prefer Scrum, Kanban, a bimodal approach, or a traditional waterfall approach, Microsoft Project is creating new ways for you to work.

Agile in Project Online

The Agile features does not change how project are managed on a daily basis – however, it provides additional tools and views that can help plan and organize your projects in a way that fits your team’s working style. The new agile release includes templates, views, and columns that allow more flexible options for managing your projects. For those on your team who don’t require a detailed plan, you can opt to use the new Agile features to show a high level Project Schedule.

These updates enhances and simplifies the overall user experience. No seeing the updates yet? Don’t worry. The update is currently only available to Office Insiders and is set for a full launch later this year.

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