Mastering the Art of Kanban

Sticky notes. Excel spreadsheets. To-do lists.

They’re tested and true. They stand the test of time. Or do they? Traditional tools are only sufficient when you have a few tasks on your plate. Beyond that it breeds chaos. Complex projects require higher level organized planning and with that, more sophisticated planning tools. OnePortfolio leverages Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud to enable real-time collaboration with Kanban boards. Kanban board visually display tasks – solving disorganization before it happens. In addition to Kanban, OnePortfolio can help your team become agile.

Why Agile?

Agile, a trending project management methodology, increases your team’s ability to change. As organizations rapidly adapt to changing environments, they are to prioritize and adjust plans as needed. Teams who can’t adapt, fail – they suffer from decreased productivity. So how do you become agile? Being agile means breaking the project into individual tasks. Think of a puzzle picture. Instead of focusing on the big picture, you start by focusing on the different pieces that help get you to project completion. That’s where Kanban comes in.


Kanban boards visually represent workflows. Studies have shown that employees are 20% more productive when the information they need is visually displayed. Kanban boards help to realize your team’s full potential as they can process information both quickly and effectively by clarifying the plan and connecting it to the workflow. Kanban increases transparency of work in progress, increases accountability, and empowers your team to collaborate and take ownership all while allowing you to manage your team’s bandwidth.

Help your team respond to unexpected changes while boosting productivity with OnePortfolio. Learn more by viewing our demo.