Matching your Company Culture with the Perfect Candidate

Finding the perfect candidate is about more than skills and experience – you want the right fit for your team and company culture. Most organizations today strive to hire applicants that are not only skilled but are well-aligned to their internal culture. The importance of company culture is not to be ignored – many organizations reported hiring candidates with the best cultural fit. In the end, skills can be improved on the job, having the right mentality can’t.

To some, it may seem a bit extreme, especially for technical professions. However, company culture is the glue that holds companies together. Amazon employees live and breathe customer obsession. To ensure that all companies from executive leadership to customer service representatives exude the obsession, they hire only those who fit and the results show – Amazon is currently ranked 8 in Fortune 500 and leads the industry in customer loyalty.

If your organization is looking for the all-around best candidate, from skills and experience to culture and perspective, we’ve compiled a few tips to help identify your ideal candidate.

Evaluate Your Company Culture

You can’t hire candidates without a thorough understanding of your company culture. Go back to the basics. Regardless of how long you’ve worked at a company and ingrained in the culture, it’s helpful to reacquaint yourself with the company’s values. In some organizations, like Amazon, it might be clear. In others, it might take reflection and consultation with others on your team.

Tip – Review your latest successes and identify how your top performers personify with the company culture.

Pay Attention to the Details

The average hiring manager only spends six seconds on a resume. Think of the last time you spent six seconds doing almost any activity – even checking your social media feed takes more time. Why spend so little time evaluating the newest member of your team?

While sorting through your stack of resumes and cover letters, look for the details and read between the lines for the right fit. Pay attention to word usage – is it safe and boring or over the top and flashy? Do they stand out as intellectual or show other characteristics like emotional intelligence? Are they dedicated to their team or a lone wolf? You can understand a lot about a candidate’s personality by how they choose to present themselves.

Look for anything that jumps out as unique. Studying abroad, learning a foreign language, working at NASA, and becoming a pilot are all experiences worthy of further evaluation. Candidates with unique pasts are open-minded and willing to take on new experiences – the ideal candidate for almost any team.

Face Time is Game Time

A cover letter provides a glimpse into a candidate’s personality and technical abilities. The best way to truly understand who a candidate is by speaking with them face to face.

Use open-ended questions to learn more about their personality. Provide hypothetical situations and ask how they have responded in certain real-life situations. Describe a situation when you had to make a decision without data? How would you manage a problematic business group? This is also your time to ask questions about anything that stood out on their resume – their study abroad or working at NASA.

Pro tip – Make the interview low-key and comfortable. When candidates are relaxed, they are able to express themselves freely. Creating an open environment gives you the best opportunity to learn more about them and see whether they’re truly the best fit.

On the Search for New Employees?

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