Microsoft 311 – Revolutionizing Citizen Engagement

Cities and local government support the needs of thousands of citizens. A city or country administration is typically small and busy focusing on critical functions, such as managing day to day operations and essential projects. Many systems are overwhelmed or simply lack the ability to field service calls from citizens requesting services or reporting outages. To meet the growing demand for citizen engagement without stretching the budget, Microsoft 311 is the solution.

Empowering Citizens
Access to the internet and mobile devices has revolutionized how people communicate. 75% of citizens have a smartphone and for citizens who don’t, they most likely have a friend or family member that can help them connect with resources. 311 enables requests to be easily submitted from any desktop or mobile device and include a picture, if desired. To increase the quality of information, the device’s GPS can be access to accurately pinpoint the location. Citizens who have open requests and opt-in, receive updates on their request as it is address. If they are unsatisfied with the solution, it also allows for them to quickly and easily resubmit their escalated request.

How 311 Works
Once a request has been submitted, requests are categorized by type, checked against current service requests, and linked to any existing requests. The 311 citizen engagement system sends out daily reports prioritizing and assigning managers responsible for each functional area. Enhanced map integration allows teams to display requests visually and optimize routes.

Citizen Experience Matters
Streamlining citizen service enhances more than communication and operational ease, it improves citizen satisfaction. With 72% of those with internet engaged with social media, this benefit should not be overlooked. A viral post of a city’s non-response to a citizen request can have a profound negative effect on their image, both locally and directly with the citizens they serve.

Microsoft 311 is built upon Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology allowing for quick and easy startup out of the box.
For more information about Microsoft 311, please see on on-demand webcast here.