Microsoft Project Delivers a 387% ROI According to Forrester Research

Project Online offers a project management solution to help improve project performance, reinforce project management best practices, and improve resource planning – all while enhancing collaboration across teams and locations. Forrester Consulting recently released a Total Economic Impact study evaluating the return on investment (ROI) enterprises realized through deploying Microsoft Project Online and the results were astounding.

Improved Reporting

Organizations realized increased efficiencies through Project Manager report generation. Prior to Project Online’s deployment, reporting had been conducted manually with each PM managing multiple spreadsheets to track project performance. PMOs were then tasked with consolidating and rectifying discrepancies to identify trends and forecasts. The average PM spent 15 hours per month on the report. With Project Online, it was down to three hours – a savings of 144 hours per year or a cost savings of almost $9,000! Overall, reporting efficiencies resulted in a 60% time savings for Project Managers.

Resource Utilization

Across Microsoft Project Online customers, Forrester noted improved resource utilization as a primary benefit leading to more projects being delivered on-time and on-budget. Project Online empowered companies to allocate resources effectively across projects, understand resource constraints, and ensure resource bandwidth matched demand for project completion. One of the main benefits? A large reduction in overtime costs. One study participate noted, “We paid out considerable amounts of overtime to ensure we were meeting client deadlines and commitments. Before Project Online, we expected an additional 30% in overtime costs, but now that number is down to 5%.”

High Return on Investment

As a result of use cases from enterprise level deployments, Forrester’s financial analysis found organizations experienced benefits of $4.3 million over three years giving a ROI of 387%.

Download the newly released Forrester study to uncover the full range of benefits that your business could experience with Project Online here