Moving your PMO to the Cloud – Why You Can’t Afford to Miss the Wave


PMO environments have progressed from static environments to that of constant change. Project Management applications have become more complex and less intuitive due to the demand for more capabilities. This has led to many challenges including the ability to meet the technology need for many PMOs in a timely and cost effective manner.

Implementing a Digital Workplace for PMOs has many benefits that far outweigh the traditional project management environments. Often times, the cost you save in automating simple processes with digital technology exceeds the amount invested in the solution alone. Join us in this webinar as we address the common challenges of today’s PMOs and demonstrate the business value of moving your PMO to the cloud. Topics include:

• PMO Challenges
• The PMO Evolution
• PMO Capabilities Required for Success
• The Digital PMO and Its Benefits
• Digital PMO/Office 365/Project Online Demo