SQL Server & Windows Server 2008 – Navigating End of Support

All great things must come to an end – including Microsoft software updates and support.

In the technical world, innovation never stops. The products released this year are light years ahead of those we had ten years ago and the same applies to software. Products that were great in 2008 are vital to upgrade to the latest versions to ensure optimal performance and regular security updates. With end of support dates approaching, it is important to work on a road map to ensure you and your clients are protected against security and compliance risks.

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End of Support Q&A

Is now a time to move to the cloud?

That depends on you, but most customers benefit immediately. But for those who run their own datacenter(s), Microsoft also provides modern on-premises solutions of Windows Server and SQL Server. 

How do I upgrade to the newest versions?
Microsoft has some great SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 end-of-support options on hand to help customers manage this transition and carry them through the next decade, including provided an Extended Security Update for free.

How you help me optimize cost?
On premises or in the cloud, Microsoft’s modern servers and hyperconverged solutions deliver important security features as well as performance and cost efficiency. Customers pay for only the servers they need and avoid the cost of purchasing and managing their own infrastructure.

What if I can’t upgrade before the deadline?
For on-premises severs that need more time to upgrade, you can purchase Extended Security Updates for three more years. This offer is a great option to continue getting security updates while you upgrade or migrate to Azure.

Will my applications run on Azure or newer version of SQL Server and Windows Server?
Yes. Customers can rehost dozens of applications running on thousands of virtual machines to Azure, then they can transform and develop new applications using more advanced Azure services, including AI.

Can the cloud help me make this end of support my last?
Yes. You will receive automatic updates from Microsoft going forward. That means you will your organization will have access to the latest productivity and security innovations as they become available.

For more information on upgrading your Microsoft productivity business solutions, contact us.