TechTuesday | Microsoft Project – The Latest Updates

This week, Microsoft unveiled the latest updates coming to Office 365, including updates for Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Project. Businesses are increasingly turning to Agile project management for continuous improvement in development cycles. Agile uses short cycles (sprints) to enable continuous improvement through rapid adjustments. Agile adoption has spread across enterprises, encompassing all business functionalities while accelerating product performance and delivery. Improvements to the native agile capabilities are on the way for Microsoft Project.

What’s new in Microsoft Project?

  • Task Board Filtering – Streamline your task boards by filtering on key resources or summary tasks.
  • Set percent complete from a task board – Choose a percent complete for each column, and then update task completion with drag-and-drop.
  • Sprint navigation – You can now switch from one sprint view to another, and quickly move tasks between sprints.

Want to see some of the new changes in action? Start with the video below showcasing the upgraded task board.

Learn more about getting the most of our Microsoft Project 2016 with our on-demand webcast including:

  • Resource Management (engagement, workflow, and reporting)
  • Timelines (drag and drop, multiple timelines, saving to PPT)
  • Tell Me (help navigation and usability)
  • Next Steps to Getting the Most Out of Project 2016