The NextGen Agile Enterprise – Don’t just change, perform


Like most organizations, Agile is in place, either in pockets in IT or as part of software development teams. There is Agile project management in the organization, and things are evolving with the number of Agile projects increasing. Also there are non-Agile type of projects to consider. Meanwhile, senior management is interested and is focused on ‘how can the organization deliver faster, smarter and be more responsive to change?’. How do you start bridging the gap between senior management’s portfolio goals and the delivery of work? How do you start gradually adding a layer of strategic planning that connects the needs of Agile teams and Executives? In this webinar, we will show real-world examples of organizations taking the basic steps to doing enterprise agile. We will demonstrate a ‘crawl, walk, run’ solution for connecting the enterprise and team needs  – and the different technologies and processes being implemented.