All too often, an organization or new user starting out with Microsoft Project starts by immediately entering tasks into a schedule. However, there are some important decisions and steps that should happen first! There are elements that should be standardized across an organization, so if others in your company are already using Microsoft Project, check to see if there are standards set up. If your organization has not yet set up these standards, you can lead the way!!


This session covers both the processes that need to be defined and followed, and the Microsoft Project steps needed to incorporate them!


  • Create your Schedule Management Plan
  • Establish the criteria and tasks for developing, monitoring, and controlling the project schedule. Includes topics such as roles and responsibilities, baseline process, schedule update method, and schedule change and review process
  • Set your Project Options
  • Define Calendars
  • Specify a Project Start Date
  • Name your Project
  • Establish your Work Breakdown Structure