Tech Tuesday – OnePlan Resource Scheduling for Project Online

Enhance your Project Online investment with Wicresoft’s OnePlan for Resource Scheduling. OnePlan Resource Planning is designed for managers and teams who are looking for more transparency, clarity, and visibility when planning projects. OnePlan allows you to simplify resource planning, optimize resource utilization, and empower productivity in your team all within Project Online. The Resource Scheduler provides insight into your project teams availability, as well as making scheduling resources on work a painless task. You no longer need to spend time in spreadsheets – let OnePlan do the work.

What new’s in OnePlan for Project Online?

  • Drag and Drop Visual Scheduling – Gain insight into your project team’s availability and dynamically manage resource schedules for your project with the ease of drag & drop. Match individual resources to the project’s requirements by finding team members according to their roles, skills and availability.
  • Decision Insights – Proactively solve scheduling conflicts with a dynamic timeline that visualizes the resource schedule for your organization. Balance skills and availability with a centralized view to identify who has availability and who is overbooked. Add, edit, move and delete assignments in seconds.
  • Visual Personal Dashboards and Statusing – Give your team the information they need to make autonomous decisions that keep the project moving forward. Gain transparency and confidence with visibility into individual assignments. Enhance team collaboration with simple status updates directly from their email client.
  • Robust Portfolio Analysis – Easily model different portfolio scenarios to determine the best strategic path by weighing project proposals against strategic business drivers based on objective criteria, while considering the cost and resource constraints.
  • Visual Reporting and Analytics – Make the right decisions with access to real-time reporting and analytics. Visually monitor utilization of your team to help with capacity planning. Slice and dice the data to personalize your view. Monitor and improve your team’s efficiency and compliance.





To learn more about OnePlan, view our demo above or sign-up for our webcast below.