Portfolio Management | Unboxing Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) bridges the gap between strategy and implementation to ensure that an organization can leverage projects to reach specific goals and outcomes. Organizations use PPM tools, such as OnePortfolio, to identify which projects are the best investment at a given time based on the resources and risk involved. However, PPM’s value extends further driving informed decision making – it facilitates communication and empowers data driven decision making.

Project Portfolio Management Software Unboxed

Choosing the right PPM software is often the key to a successful adoption and implementation. There are so many capability – just try searching for, ‘best PPM software.’ The search generates over 2,000,000 results, but which is the best for you? ‘Best’ is a subjective word, especially in PPM. What works perfectly for one company might not work for another. It all comes down to fit – Fit with the software and how it will integrate with your organization.

Think of the requirements surrounding your projects:

  • Do you care about the ease of use/user interface?
  • Who is using the software? Internal employees, clients, both?
  • What features are most important?
  • What type of support and customization is available?
  • What do I need this for? What type of projects?
  • Can the software support agile, traditional, and bi-modal methodologies?
  • Is the software able to connect with existing software, such as Office 365, Power BI, etc.



OnePortfolio is a pre-configued Microsoft Project Online solution that enables traditional, agile, and bi-modal portfolio management. It brings all work across the organization into one central location so customers can have the right insights to make better decisions. OnePortfolio enhances the existing capabilities and leverages data from the cloud all in a easy to use user interface. OnePortfolio supports industry standards and provides best practices across the organization. Most organizations are managing work in multiple Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure DevOps, and Project Online. These tools can now work together seamlessly for a fully integrated Agile Portfolio Management solution. Reduce reliance on spreadsheets or manual processes and improve management of portfolios and initiatives with OnePortfolio.

Start bridging the gaps between your project teams by viewing our on-demand webcast on Agile Portfolio Management.