The Power of Integrated Technology

Imagine you need to create a report. Data is compiled in multiple sources and each team seems to have different processes. Where do you start?

The only way you’ll capture your full business value is with software that puts you one step ahead. The key lies in digital transformation and integrated technology. Integrate your business productivity software to easily share data, prioritize project portfolio investments, and deliver the intended business value with OneConnect. Whatever your goals or starting point, you can rely on Wicresoft’s deep expertise in business productivity solutions to help get you there.

Next Level Collaboration

Take your team to the next level by providing all data, processes, and work in one easy to manage solution. Integrate all your applications together so they automatically sync and continuously communicate with one another in real time. Wicresoft’s enterprise-class, cloud-based OneConnect solution simplifies integration between Microsoft Project Online and other best of breed applications. As your team’s needs grow and change, our team can support deploying additional connectors allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Skip the custom development and opt for a quick and easy implementation to drive a return on investment from day one.

What Tools Integrate?

Wicresoft has been perfecting the OneConnect platform with the goal of total work management. Currently, OneConnect is able to connect more than 20 of the most popular business productivity solutions, including a broad spectrum of Microsoft technologies (Dynamics, Azure DevOps, Azure, Power BI, SharePoint, Project Online, and Planner), SAPServiceNow, and JIRA – just to name a few! We are constantly developing new connectors to create fully integrated work management systems.

Start bridging the gaps between your project teams by viewing our webcast with the latest tips and tricks to connect all your business productivity tools for total work management.