Aha! is the one product management tool you need to lead product with conviction and be happy doing it. If you are like most product managers, Aha! is what you have always wanted to replace the Word, Google, Excel, Dropbox, and PPT docs that are scattered all over your hard drive and the cloud.



No matter what type of product team you work with, Aha! is a tool for driving product strategy, sharing your roadmap, and detailing features and user stories. We call this the why, when, and what of roadmapping. Engineering teams are responsible for how features get developed.

While many engineering teams have a bug tracking system to manage their work, others do not. Aha! works in both environments but is fundamentally designed for you – the product manager. If your engineering team uses a bug system like JIRA, we integrate directly with it allowing you to set strategy, releases, and features in Aha! and send them to JIRA to be worked. As engineers work and update JIRA, Aha! is automatically updated and you can always easily check what’s happening without having to navigate another tool

Aha! also works well for teams that do not have a bug or other engineering planning system. Aha! provides a workflow board for agile or scrum teams, status controls by feature and requirement, and cross-functional release gantt charts so you are always informed. So, regardless of how your team works, Aha! is the product tool built for you.

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