Resource Management: Maintaining a Balanced Team with Project Online

Every project requires a team of resources to bring the project to life … and to a successful conclusion. For a project to be successful (and to keep resources happy) the team’s workload should be managed so individuals are not “overallocated” or assigned more work than they can perform in a given period of time.

The keys to creating and maintaining this balance is to:

  • Request resources be available for the expected timeframes of your project
  • Gather information on resource availability and what other projects resources may conflict with yours
  • Ensure all project managers are scheduling work with allocation in mind not just the duration of tasks. Gather hour or % of effort per task when planning.
  • “Level” resources so they are evenly distributed across your project as well as other projects
  • Communicate effectively!


All of the above are made easy with Project Server/Online with KwikPMO. With Project Server/Online, all resource data is stored in a common location. Projects draw from the same resources, so it easy to see when resources are available and which are overallocated. This can be done directly from the browser or when editing the schedule within Project Professional. KwikPMO provides additional tools to view resource availability and assignments within the browser.

Project Online and Server 2016 include the ability to request resources in an approval process for specified periods of time. Project Professional provides the ability to level resources across a project based on their availability. Project Server/Online also provide methods for team members to communicate their progress on assigned tasks, making team meetings more productive. Team members can also provide status updates and collaborate through SharePoint team sites.