Resource Management and Talent Strategy

Understanding your organization’s resource capacity and matching skillsets to your most strategic initiatives is a crucial aspect of transforming your operations, releasing innovation and increasing profit margins.

The biggest challenge for any project organization is delivering everything that is expected, successfully and consistently. Among the common causes for failure is teams taking on too much work or not having the skills or capacity to deliver all the required work. We help you develop your capability to plan and manage resources. We help you get clarity on what can and can’t be done with your current resources, to demonstrate this constraint to others and to solve problems using processes and tools for planning, prioritizing and assigning people to work. We can also help you with a talent strategy that incorporates building skills and certifications within your current teams, as well as efficiently using staffing and managed services to provide supplementary expertise when it makes sense.

The time we invest in projects versus other work – should that split be 10/90 or 40/60? We can help you find the best answer for your team. We begin working on a resource pool design to include a definition of your resources. The next step is to establish a framework and processes to routinely match supply and demand One goal is to leverage technology. Another is to develop your capability to determine the total resource needs to execute your portfolio of projects, as well as to forecast the future needs.

A further step is to address skills gaps and how best to acquire and build skills. We can work with you to build a strategy and processes for when and how to contract in talent from the outside. We also collaborate with you in developing a new approach to creating the right certifications, skills training and career path for your internal pool of full-time project management. Often an organization has different and informal tracks for project management: ranging from program leaders to business analysts. We help you address all of it, including an approach for your core ‘professional’ project managers as well as for your ‘accidental’ project managers that may infrequently manage work on behalf of their business unit.


Resource Management and Talent Strategy


In this 3-day workshop, we help you assess, design and build out your resource management framework and processes to increase productivity, maximize resource availability and ensure you have the right talent on the right work at the right time.

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