Revitalizing DJO as a PMO

DJO is in the business of keeping people moving forward by designing and manufacturing medical mobility devices.

Since their inception in 1978, they have continued to grow and expand their resources. As they acquired companies, DJO noticed issues with project management. Each new organization had its own methods in place for effectively managing projects. To keep projects moving forward, DJO allowed the organizations to use their earlier techniques and then made small changes to keep them applicable. This was a great temporary fix, but as they continued, it was clear that there was a steep learning curve required to use the mix-matched methods effectively. These methods also failed to provide proper visibility for the information needed to prevent project stagnations.

After identifying these shortcomings, Wicresoft and Microsoft partnered to implement Project Online and Power BI to remedy their PPM approach. The benefits of the new technology were quickly evident.

The intuitive design of Project Online enabled rapid adoption both by removing the steep learning curve of the previous system and by getting the new system up and running rapidly. This system also lessened the effort needed for reliable reporting. With the extreme compatibility between Project Online and Power BI, creating accurate reports became effortless and further increased DJO’s power in identifying where to focus their attention.

Lastly, Project Online and Power Bi drastically increased visibility for all projects. By lifting the fog that often extended over DJO and their project management, they can identify and revitalize projects that started to fail when they lacked the insight to see why. This increased focus also adapted to predicting when bottlenecks will occur and properly vetting ideas before they begin.

By taking this approach and using Project Online with Power BI, DJO has been able to reduce operating costs, have faster development times, and shift their sites towards the future as a PMO.