Save Time with Project Management for Professional Service Organizations

Clients are the lifeblood of your organization. We, like you, live and thrive through the success of our clients. Delivering a good or service requires projects to be executed and delivered with the utmost care, ensuring that projects maximize customer satisfaction.

Balancing the elements of a complex project – time, money, scope, resources, and clients – determines project success. Project management is essential for managing obstacles project managers face on a daily basis. Professional Service Organizations offer a unique set of challenges.

Top Professional Service Project Management Challenges

  • Not flushing out and defining scope of work
  • Committing to an unrealistic deadline or budget
  • Understanding current and future resource needs and capabilities
  • Transparency and communication within the team – Each team member should know who is working on what
  • Providing clients real-time project updates and schedules
  • Managing a project portfolio to ensure profitability and alignment to business goals

Learn about how professional service organizations are overcoming these challenges, connecting teams with critical business intelligence, and promoting enterprise-wide project transparency here.