Social Work Management with Project Online | Empowering Team Collaboration and Simply Getting Work Done


Transforming the way we do business has been an ongoing trend that continues to force Project Management Teams to think differently.  Traditionally, the Project Manager’s key role is to control the project, but Social Work Management empowers the entire team and removes obstacles that impact progress, shifting the PM’s focus to different areas such as more effective planning, fostering vibrant communities, and gaining executive buy in and participation.  When it comes to work productivity, Social Work Management can take your team to a whole new level by strengthening relationships and building trust, sharing relevant knowledge and expertise, improving problem solving through faster decision making, and by giving your teams an experience that promotes continuous learning and best practices.

Join us in this webinar to learn how OnePlan’s Work Management for Project Online capabilities can improve your planning process across projects, advance team communication and social interaction to increase productivity, and achieve portfolio visibility across all work to promote accountability, trust and a shared understanding of work performance across the entire organization.

Learn how Social Work Management for Project Online can;

  • Simplify Planning
  • Streamline Workflow
  • Enable Collaboration
  • Gain Insight