Starting Your Job Search? Prep Your Social Media Accounts.

When starting your job search, a million things come to mind – networking, updating your resume, crafting that perfect letter, and even getting professional headshots. Let’s face it. You’ve got a long list ahead of you, but there’s one thing you don’t want to overlook – your social media accounts.

It all might seem a bit overwhelming, or even unnecessary when you already have so many action items on your to-do list, but having the right or wrong information in your profile can make or break getting the job or even scoring an interview. 70% of employers are checking your social media and Googling your name – that’s a higher percentage than employers who read cover letters.

The power of a social media profile doesn’t stop there. You can have the best technical skills, but you might not be the best candidate. Hiring managers view social media for various reasons, mostly to ensure the candidate will be a good fit for their team. A recent survey listed reasons hiring managers passed on candidates after reviewing their social media presence:

  • 39% posted provocative/inappropriate photos or videos
  • 38% posted information about drugs or alcohol
  • 32% had discriminatory comments on gender, race, or religion
  • 30% bad-mouthed their previous company, manager, or co-workers

Unfortunately, your social media accounts might not provide a complete picture of you as a professional and might skew a hiring manager’s decision. Be proactive and take a few simple steps to ensure you’re promoting an accurate representation of yourself online.

Evaluate Your Accounts

After hearing how important social media can be in a job search, some candidates will want to delete their online persona. It sounds tempting but don’t. Candidates are 60% less likely to be called in for an interview if they can’t be verified online. Whether intentional or not, deleting accounts makes you look like you have something to hide – not exactly the best first impression. Instead, take stock of your accounts to make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward.

Leverage Social Media to Your Advantage

When employers look for your profile, they aren’t looking for reasons not to hire you. They want to hire you. They want to see who you are and what sets you apart. 50% of employers checking pages want to verify that you exude a professional persona and 44% saying what was on their social media led them to hire the candidate. It’s a powerful tool. Use it. Post unique articles and share thought leadership posts from your field. It shows engagement and expertise.

Next Steps

Once your online presence is set up, you are good to go, but don’t let it stop there – continue your positive online presence after you land your job. It helps to build your professional credibility within your field and guarantees you’ll always be showing your best self.

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