Strategic Planning for the Agile Portfolio

Great execution depends on prioritizing work. Otherwise, project organizations will end up trying to do everything…and failing. And no matter how efficient you may be at project management, value is heading out of the door unless you are doing the right projects to begin with.

Which style of planning is right for you? It is hard to argue with some of the benefits of Agile planning, so these principles are often core to any solution we may suggest. You may need to make changes incrementally, so we start by helping you think through the methodology options with a tailored approach and roadmap.

An early focus in planning is to develop your strategic themes and method for prioritizing. For example, with a Business Driver approach, the strategic themes are taken to the level where any new idea for a project faces a multiple-choice set of metrics for how it will measurably impact that strategy. Alternatively, the Scaled Agile Framework might lead us to quantify ‘cost of delay’ as a key project measure, where impact to the customer experience is a leading key factor. In some cases, Weighted Shortest Job First may be an appropriate way of prioritizing.

We can help you move to a more regular cadence of planning. The benefit of planning regularly is that is becomes quicker and less cumbersome than an annual exercise – and makes you more capable of responding to change.

Good planning and prioritization is based on a concept of measuring business value on one hand, with the balance of financial and talent constraints on the other. We will build a model with you that clearly puts at the center your team’s measures of business value and constraint. Ultimately, we help you build up gradually to operationalizing your planning. This includes piloting or ‘conference room testing’ the approach, plus stakeholder communications to assist with change management challenges.


Strategic Planning for the Agile Portfolio


In this 1-day workshop, we help you redesign planning and prioritization to become more data-driven, iterative, quick to adjust, and focused on measurable outcomes.

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