Strategic Planning for the Agile Portfolio – Workshop Details

Duration: 1 Day Workshop

Workshop Includes:

Current state assessment of your organization’s strategic planning and portfolio management practices. We will step through your current approach to planning: how work is prioritized and selected – as well as the constraints used in decision-making. Who makes which decisions, using what data and how often? How is project work balanced with other types of work?

Identification of areas for improvement and goals for the future. Review strategic planning methodology options, including those enabled by the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Discuss the relative merits of different approaches. How should we prioritize and what are the real constraints?

Development of high-level strategic themes to be used for planning and prioritization. Take raw inputs – often company strategy statements – and review whether the data is robust enough for use in project prioritization. What work may be needed to improve strategies and make them more actionable for a prioritization framework?

Ideation and project intake – focus on who may submit ideas for projects today and the benefits and practicalities of broadening the reach to allow for more participation.

Review the Agile practice of establishing value streams: a small number of key business processes and systems that are central to the organization. This enables a funding and resource management model that provides consistency and stability to those streams, empowering teams to balance project and operations work.

Review approach for how the organization will socialize, trial and eventually embrace a new portfolio management practice.

What to expect following the workshop?

Current State of Portfolio Strategy and Planning Assessment.

Future State Portfolio Strategy and Planning Design.

Portfolio Strategy and Planning Roadmap: your journey to create better and measurable value from portfolio strategy and selection is not achievable overnight. The roadmap is a draft plan that accounts for your team’s current capabilities and maturity, the priorities for change, and the steps required to build and implement new capabilities and processes.

Who should attend?

Portfolio Leader/Governance Stakeholders, PMO Lead/Director, Key Resource/Talent Decision Makers, Finance Lead. Diverse roles or tiers in the organization should be represented, including executive representation.


Strategic Planning for the Agile Portfolio


In this 1-day workshop, we help you redesign planning and prioritization to become more data-driven, iterative, quick to adjust, and focused on measurable outcomes.

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