Process, methodology, skills, and data for strategically planning work portfolios

– and executing with efficiency

If your transition to better portfolio management means accommodating both old and new ways of working, our consulting approach allows you to balance different approaches within your organization and start introducing business agility concepts over time. Together, we can start shifting from project-centric planning to value-stream and product-based planning. We help you operationalize your portfolio management, including testing or ‘conference-room piloting’ the approach, engaging with all your stakeholders to assist with adoption and change management.

Building your capabilities: Portfolio Management

Good planning and the right sequencing of work means aligning ideas with strategy and having solid metrics of business value, budget and team capacity. It means having the ability to change direction regularly, rapidly and with confidence in the data. We help you revise your current model to meet today’s business challenges, designing and implementing improvements to intake and selection processes, team roles and tools.


A typical starting point is to establish better visibility, better metrics and a simpler, more regular cadence to your processes. Maybe you already have a method for portfolio management, and you want help to adjust it. Or maybe you want to adopt a new approach.

Building your capabilities: Execution Management

Good strategy is worthless without good execution. Building an execution capability means the freedom for different teams – with varying abilities – to effectively manage their work using different processes and tools while building a foundation for optimal decision-making.


Some of your teams may want to preserve their unique methodology, others may need a better process, and others may simply need the bare minimum. Our role is to help you build the right approach to allow all of these needs to co-exist.  This means connecting execution to your strategy, improving skills, streamlining your tools and finding common metrics for viewing and influencing outcomes.

SAFe: The Scaled Agile Framework

SAFe is not just ‘another agile method’ for managing work. It is a framework – based on many tried and tested business methods – for how you might better run the entire enterprise. Case studies show SAFe leading to 50% faster times to market, a 50% reduction in defects and a 35% growth in productivity.*

Can you manufacture products or do construction using SAFe? Yes, because it is focused on how you communicate, organize and empower teams to optimize the flow of work in complex environments. This is why SAFe case studies also show a 30% improvement in employee motivation. It means having the right mindset, cadence and data to experiment and change direction when needed – all within the safety of budget guardrails. A key objective is to reduce the time between perceiving market change – or perceiving a market opportunity – and executing a strategy to deliver the change in response.


The bottom line is this: if your business knows exactly what you need to do and how you are going to do it, you don’t need SAFe. For everyone else, there is SAFe.

Getting Started

If your aim is to embrace Lean Portfolio Management and SAFe, our certified SAFe consultants can lead you through the right training and coaching. If you or your executives are not yet convinced, it is worth taking the first steps to find out more and educate key people in your organization. A typical, recommended roadmap for implementation is below. Early on, you need to train your Change Agents, Leaders and Executives – and ask them for a go / no-go decision.


One of the challenges you may face is that it is tough to get business leaders to commit to two days of training and certification at the beginning. For that reason, Wicresoft delivers a 3-hour SAFe Workshop for Business Leaders: to cover the basics, discuss how it could work for your business, tackle objections and correct some assumptions. The objective is to help you decide if you want to take the next steps, or whether SAFe is not right for you today.


Building Capabilities Through Consulting:
The Wicresoft Methodology

The Wicresoft consulting methodology is agile and allows you to rapidly plan, design and execute successful business change. By organizing your business objectives and expected outcomes into sprints (iterations), our methodology enables a ‘shift to the left’, meaning that business value is delivered earlier than with traditional project methods.


It is also an ideal platform for collaboration between your team and ours. Together, we build a small core team of diverse skills and experience, enabling us to focus on business outcomes, people, process and technology at the same time.


Through connecting with different stakeholder groups, we build familiarity with the upcoming change early on, instead of relying purely on training towards the end of a project. This helps greatly with adoption and change management.