Take Control of Your Career with Wicresoft

Today is the day. You have the freedom to start a new position your love and set out on a new adventure! In the time leading up to the holidays, many companies are actively searching for resources to help close out the fiscal year, and that means endless opportunities to get into your dream job or dream company. Thinking about landing a position with Google, Microsoft, or one of the other leading technology firms? Wicresoft can help jump-start you on your way to success. Our skilled recruiters have over 15 years of experience connecting job seekers with the role perfectly tailored for their unique experience.

Why Start the Search?

Year-end is quickly approaching, and for many, that means time for annual reviews. If your eye is on the prize for a raise, this is still the perfect time to start looking for a new position. Forecasts predict that salary budgets for most employers will grow 3%, on average, across most employee categories. For top performers, this jumps up to 5% or even 10%. Instead of hoping for a raise when your annual review comes along – start your job search to realize a higher ROI. The average raise an employee receives when moving to a new position is between a 10% to 20% increase in salary. In addition to compensation, you will have new opportunities to improve your skill set and grow your career.

Get Started Today!

Wicresoft has a multitude of opportunities with companies located across the United States to help find you a position that fits your lifestyle. Let our team of skilled recruiters take the lead in your job search – we are always ready to help! Take the first steps today by learning more about our team and getting in touch. We’re here to help!