Resource Management and Talent Strategy – Workshop Details

Duration: 3 Day Workshop

Workshop Includes:

Resource Management Case Studies

Current State Assessment of:

Roles, responsibilities and skillsets across the organization

Resource management planning and assignment processes

Resource management tools

Resource data management

People culture

Future State of:

Resource estimating and planning

Resource what-if modeling

Resource database

Resource decisioning and assignment

Resource tools and templates

Resource assignment and approval process

Resource management right-sizing

The gig economy within your organization

What to expect following the workshop?

Current State Assessment of Resource and Talent Management

Resource Management Roadmap including:

Leading practices in process implementation for resource planning and assignment

Resource management tools and template roll out plan

Talent roles and descriptions

Hiring plan (if applicable)

Who should attend?

Operations Directors, Project Leader or Project Manager, Functional Leaders, HR and Recruiting Managers, Finance Director, and Resource Managers. Diverse roles or tiers in the organization should be represented, including executive representation.




In this 3-day workshop, we help you assess, design and build out your resource management framework and processes to increase productivity, maximize resource availability and ensure you have the right talent on the right work at the right time.

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